Guest Blog on PowerShell Remoting for Hey, Scripting Guy!

This week I’m the guest blogger for the Microsoft Hey, Scripting Guy! blog. The five-part series will focus on PowerShell Remoting. An Introduction to PowerShell Remoting: Part One An Introduction to PowerShell Remoting Part Two: Configuring PowerShell Remoting An Introduction to PowerShell Remoting Part Three: Interactive and Fan-Out Remoting An Introduction to PowerShell Remoting Part []

Removing Printer Shares with PowerShell and WMI

Every IT Professional runs into situations where there isn’t a utility available for handing a particular task. My first large-scale vbscript fixed a failed upgrade of the Novell Netware Client on thousands of workstations that was preventing users from logging in. Automation technologies like PowerShell excel during those times when something needs to be happen []

Presentation from 2012 Sarasota IT Pro Camp

The 2012 Sarasota IT Pro Camp at Keiser University was a great success, mainly due to the hard work from the organizers and volunteers. I want to thank all the attendees for coming out, and especially those that came to my remoting session. Introduction to PowerShell Remoting Slide deck for Introduction to PowerShell Remoting Layman’s []

VMware View Cmdlets and PowerShell Implicit Remoting

One of the differences between the VMware View cmdlets and PowerCLI is that the View cmdlets can only be run on the connection server itself. Despite the lack of a Connect-VIServer equivalent, with PowerShell Implicit Remoting it’s still possible to use these cmdlets from a workstation. First, PowerShell Remoting needs to be enabled on the []

Fan-Out Performance Without Remoting

After my last post on PowerShell Remoting performance, I received an email asking if I had tried Split-Job. It works by creating multiple runspaces so that a single command can be run against multiple computers in parallel without remoting enabled. The MaxPipelines parameter controls the number of simultaneous runspaces. I gave the function a try []

PowerShell Remoting Performance

Using fan-out PowerShell remoting has some amazing performance benefits, but it can be difficult to find real-world metrics that describe just how efficient it is. It’s challenging to communicate how powerful it can be in a demonstration, because typically a speaker at a conference will only have a couple of virtual machines. Fan-out remoting just []