Getting computer serial numbers over the network

I hate inventory. Running around writing down serial numbers seems like something we shouldn’t have to do these days, but we still do. At least I do anyway. This script will attach to a specified computer over the network and grab some information about it, including the serial number of the system and monitors attached []

Bypassing Smart Card Logon using Remote Registry

This VBscript prompts for a computer name or IP Address, connects to that system’s registry over the network and changes the scforceoption key to allow for immediate logon without a smart card. A PowerShell GUI version of this script can be found here, and there is also an updated version that works like a PowerShell []

Exporting Exchange Global Address List to Excel with VBScript

This vbscript exports an Exchange GAL to an Excel spreadsheet. The important line to change is objCommand.CommandText which must be modified to reflect your Active Directory domain and the address book field you want to search for. Any information about the user object can be retrieved by additional modification of the script. An example of []

Send Email with Attachment using VBScript

This is a way to send email with an attachment using an SMTP server that requires authentication.

Disable Power Management on Network Adapters and USB Ports with VBScript

This VBscript automates a registry hack to turn off the power management on Network Cards and USB ports. Network Adapters and USB ports have a Power Management Tab under their properties in Windows Device Manager. Information on the registry changes can be found in Microsoft KB article 837058.

Creating computer accounts in Active Directory

At my organization, users have one computer they log into. To help keep track of who was on what computer, we put our user’s names in the description of each computer account. This becomes a little labor intensive when we get a shipment of new computers to be deployed, so of course we automate computer []

Change Numlock Status at Ctrl+Alt+Del Logon screen

Numlock status on a Windows computer is controlled from three places. The BIOS controls the numlock until Windows is booted. At the logon screen, the numlock status along with settings such as the screensaver are loaded from the .DEFAULT user profile. After a user logs on, the settings are loaded from that particular user’s profile. []

Add Domain User or Domain Group to Local Administrators Group

This script will add a domain user or group to the local administrators group of a remote computer. Make sure to change YourDomain to your WinNT domain name. Also change Administrators if you need to add the user or group to a different local group.

To use at a command prompt: add_admin.vbs [computer] [user] []

Creating Lists of Computer Names

Very often you will want to run a script against a list of computers. I’ve found that the most flexible way is to grab computer names from a text file. When your scripts pull input information from a text file, there are many options available for how you create that text file. This vbscript will []

Finding computer IP information

When we went through a subnet change, we found there were many systems with an incorrect default gateway manually entered into their IP information. This a script I wrote to scan a subnet and dump the IP information to a .csv file.