Removing Printer Shares with PowerShell and WMI

Every IT Professional runs into situations where there isn’t a utility available for handing a particular task. My first large-scale vbscript fixed a failed upgrade of the Novell Netware Client on thousands of workstations that was preventing users from logging in. Automation technologies like PowerShell excel during those times when something needs to be happen []

Updated Get-MonitorInfo

This is an updated function for gathering monitor information. It uses the technique specified in this Don Jones post to accept input from the pipeline or as a parameter.

BIOS Management with PowerShell

Hewlett-Packard’s Client Management Interface and Dell’s OpenManage Client Instrumentation allow their hardware to be managed through various enterprise management tools. After installing the CMI or OMCI client, the BIOS on these computers can be accessed using Windows Management Instrumentation. HP Boot Order

Dell Boot Order

HP BIOS Settings

Modifying HP Setting

Getting computer serial numbers over the network

I hate inventory. Running around writing down serial numbers seems like something we shouldn’t have to do these days, but we still do. At least I do anyway. This script will attach to a specified computer over the network and grab some information about it, including the serial number of the system and monitors attached []

Finding computer IP information

When we went through a subnet change, we found there were many systems with an incorrect default gateway manually entered into their IP information. This a script I wrote to scan a subnet and dump the IP information to a .csv file.

Creating AD computer accounts from a CSV

This is an updated script that creates computer accounts in Active Directory. This script uses a comma separated values file as an input instead of two text files.

Automatic Logoff when Screensaver Activates

Many organizations have workstations in common areas for various purposes. If a user walks off without logging out first, that workstation needs to be unlocked by an administrator or hard rebooted before another user can logon. This script is designed to be placed in the startup folder on these common workstations. It runs constantly in []

Reboot, Logoff or Shutdown a Remote Computer

This script is a command-line utility for rebooting, logging off or shutting down remote computers. If no option parameter is specified, a force reboot is default.

At a command prompt: reboot.vbs [computer] [option] To force the computer workstation01 to reboot: C:\>cscript.exe reboot.vbs workstation01 To force the computer workstation01 to power off: C:\>cscript.exe reboot.vbs workstation01 []