Orlando IT Pro Camp Sessions

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I will be presenting two sessions at the Orlando IT Pro Camp on January 21st. IT Pro Camp is a free, one-day learning event for IT Professionals. There will be a wide range of topics presented by speakers of all backgrounds and experience. I highly recommend stopping by if you’re in the Orlando area that Saturday.

Orlando IT Pro Camp

Introduction to PowerShell Remoting

Session Level: Intermediate

The release of PowerShell version 2 introduced a new technology for managing Windows computers remotely. Everyone from desktop support to enterprise administrators can benefit from the capabilities available with PowerShell Remoting. Learn how it works, what it can do and why you want it enabled in your environment.

Version Control for IT Professionals

Session Level: Intermediate

Version control, revision control and source control are terms used to describe the practice of tracking and controlling changes to files. Version control is critical to software developers for keeping track of source code changes, so why is it rarely used by IT Professionals that maintain production scripts? Learn about the benefits of version control and see a demo of TortoiseHg, a Windows shell extension for the Mercurial source control management tool.