Presentation from 2012 Sarasota IT Pro Camp

The 2012 Sarasota IT Pro Camp at Keiser University was a great success, mainly due to the hard work from the organizers and volunteers. I want to thank all the attendees for coming out, and especially those that came to my remoting session.

Introduction to PowerShell Remoting

Title Slide for Introduction to PowerShell RemotingSlide deck for Introduction to PowerShell Remoting

Cover image of the Layman's Guide to PowerShell RemotingLayman’s Guide to PowerShell 2.0 Remoting
Ravikanth Chaganti

Cover image for Administrator's Guide to Windows PowerShell RemotingAdministrator’s Guide to Windows PowerShell Remoting
Dr. Tobias Weltner
Aleksandar Nikolic
Richard Giles

Cover of Windows PowerShell in Action by Bruce PayetteWindows PowerShell in Action, Second Edition
Bruce Payette